Upon arrival at Coldfoot, Alaska,

we were driven to Wiseman which has

a permanent population of eleven!

One man, Jack Reikoff, has been living there

since the age of five when he arrived with his family.

He described his life to us, explaining 

how the people living there are totally self-sufficient,

growing their own vegetables, hunting,

storing food in cellars,

using generators and coping with

three months of total daylight soon to be followed

by nearly six months of total darkness.

Wiseman has no electricity, water,

or other modern amenities.

Jack was fascinating to listen to.

We admired his ingenuity and endurance,

and consider him a real Wiseman legend, however

none of us wanted to change places with him.


Fandango’s-One-Word-Challenge: Legend



Not long into our cruise up

The Inside Passaage…

We discovered that our

Holland America Noordam Cruise Ship

and a Princess cruise liner which was shadowing us

were all owned by Carnival Cruises.

During this excursion from Skagway into Canada

we heard that the train had been purchased

by Holland America and would, therefore,

be integrated into the Carnival Company.


Word of the Day Challenge: Integrated