Two memorable days of clouds.

This looks bad enough…

However, it takes on a new look when

a heat map or, perhaps, colour reversal filters are applied.

A couple of years ago these storm clouds

put parts of Geelong under three feet of water

if memory is correct.


Wits End Weekly Prompt:  Under-Cloudy-Skies




I am going with the long journey definition of ‘epic’

this week…and even then I’m not sure…

And I ask all readers to allow for the fact that

this was only Day 2 of our journey and

that this author saw ice at the top

of Sulphur Mountain (Banff) in July 1976;

drove along roads where it had snowed in June 1982,

and has never seen the white stuff since.

The journey I speak of is the

Peak2PEak Gondola Ride

up Whistler and across to Blackcomb Mountain.

After reading  my first statement you can see why

I thought this a magnificent sight.

However, the longest part of the journey was still to come,

with just under four and a half (4.4) kilometres,

or 2.73 miles, of cable between Whistler and Blackcomb

and no supporting towers in between, you left

gliding along some 1,427 feet above the valley floor.

And it appears much steeper when commencing

the return journey.

This is the longest, and highest,

unsupported length of cable in the world.

But descend among the clouds we did

and still marvel at the height and length

of this journey.


Pic and Word Challenge: Epic



We were barely off the ground on our flight from… 

Fairbanks to Coldfoot when we encountered clouds.

Most of our one hour flight we were flying in a cloud shroud.

Certainly not worth paying a premium for a window seat 🙂


Patrick sorry we did not have time to meet.


Pic and Word Challenge: Clouds



Week 7

Today’s Weather

I will be in Auckland by noon, Victorian time,

on Friday so my post is scheduled

and based on forecasts for Friday.

Temperature ranging between

a minimum of 19°, to a maximum of 31°.

 Cloudy and a chance of light rain.


So any one of these images…

could reflect Friday’s weather…

 around Geelong.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Today’s-Weather




Week 5


Love cloud photos…no two shots ever the same.Sunny day clouds.

Storm clouds out to our west.

I know I posted this earlier in the week…

I still like the clouds.


Looking out our front door…


on Monday this week…January, 29.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Clouds


Black and White Tuesday17-1010


Black and White Tuesday


Some random shots taken during the past week.

This is the view from our camera club

meeting place for the next few years.

This is the cloud formation that made me

take my camera out of its bag last Thursday.

Cunningham Pier from Griffin’s Gully

this evening, Tuesday, October 19.



Hope you enjoyed.