My first thoughts for ‘wise’ was African owls.

An evening game drive produced this sight.

I’m sure it’s wondering what we were doing.

The Scops Owl.

The Pearl Spotted Owl.

All sighted in Kruger, or Greater National Park

Fandango’s-One-Word-Challenge: Wise



Several of my lenses have the word macro inscribed on them,

however, both are 18+mm zooms.

However, sometimes I have cropped a photo and

it has been described as a macro.

Captured recently in Canada this leaf is but

a small part of a larger photo.



As is this water droplet, in London. 

I think  that may be Big Ben on the left.

Again a small part of a larger image


St Leonard’s Pier down on the coast.

This is, almost, full size.

However, I think this lilium is the very closest I have

to a true macro.






Week 3

Our second day in Victoria, BC…

we opted for a reading afternoon horse and carriage ride

around Victoria.

We were taken through...

Beacon Hill Park, and…

viewed some of the nearby…

colourful homes.


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