time capsule

a container storing a selection of objects chosen

as being typical of the present time,

buried for discovery in the future.


Active during the gold rush era…

…the now unused Steiglitz Courthouse

is now aa time capsule in its own right.

I would have been more than skeptical had I

been told about a wooden water pipe.

Having seen and read about this mains water pipe,

I now believe.


The Courthouse also contains this old yolk…


..and many tools and gadgets

from that era as well…

..many of which were possibly thrown away

or lost and buried by father time and

have since been unearthed,

either figuratively or literally.

Steiglitz is an easy 40 kilometre drive north(ish) of Geelong.

Visitors will need to find someone with a key

to gain access to the courthouse.



Amanda                       Sandi

2 thoughts on “FriendlyFriday21-0406-Time-Capsule

  1. Good post Woolly. I can’t believe that they did use a wooden water pipe. What a lovely courthouse though. It could make a beautiful home if it wasn’t a museum.


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