(of a liquid) flow out of something

in a rapid and plentiful stream.

The Waikato River narrows from 100 metres

to a mere 15 metre wide canyon…

…allowing water to gush through

as it drains from Lake Taupo

in New Zealand’s

North Island







Tulips at a Melbourne Hotel

From tropical Cairns

Also from Cairns…not exactly flowers, however,

I have never seen mushrooms/toadstools

looking quite as attractive.






…Dahlia Farm…










These circular cacti can be found

in the Geelong Botanical Gardens.



Really haven’t a clue what this is except

that it fits the Circle on Circle brief

better than my cacti image does.


Last but not least

a literal look at

Circles on Circles



A Photo a Week Challenge:...Circles-on-Circles