A selection of items unique to another era.

Nearby Stieglitz was a thriving town ship

in the Gold Rush era of nearly two hundred years past.

Today these knick knacks are housed in the town’s

Courthouse Museum.


Word of the Day Challenge: Unique




Black and White Challenge.


A definition of bench is a seat upon which

two or more people may sit.

So two out-door benches…

which meet that definition.


This photo is of a very different ‘bench’…

and this, a view from that bench.

The 2016 census put the population of Steiglitz at 53.

In the 1860s-1890s the gold rush population

was over 1,000 and was probably the reason

for the construction of the Court House.

Finally, a work  bench I made a few weeks ago.

It was made to take the pressure off my back and knees.

  And I think it fits my definition…

two or more people could sit upon it. 🙂


Cees-Black-White-Photo-Challenge: Benches







During this week I visited the nearby

Steiglitz Courthouse Museum.

Steigltiz is about a thirty minute drive from Geelong.

From the  1860s to the 1890s Steiglitz was

a thriving community with at least two streets

of housing or shops all thanks

to gold found in the area.

A wider shot of a wooden water pipe which served,

as the main source of water for Steiglitz,

for 70 years before being replaced in 1960.


I think there was some horse harness

around home when I was a boy.

Although at that time it was not considered

a museum piece.  It was still fairly new.

Sixty years tends to change people’s attitudes.



Blacksmith Bellows.

I’m  sure the word ‘bellows’ could have been

used to describe the actions taken by any sheep farmer

whose dog decided that it knew the best

way to bring home a mob of sheep.

No matter how big or small the mob was there was

nothing worse, or more frustrating, than having your dog

turning your mob back on you because it was

not the usual way home.


Thursday’s Special: Traces-Past-V4-03

Wordless Wednesday18_0314

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Visited the

Steiglitz Courthouse Museum

on Wednesday.
On display was part of a wooden water pipe…

which had only been decommissioned,

after seventy years in service, in 1960.

I have never previously heard of

a wooden water pipe.


Hope you enjoyed. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~