when an earlier moment is portrayed in a story
or when a past experience is remembered.


Fortunately, or unfortunately, I am old enough to remember

the manual telephone exchange at our local post office

which my grandmother owned.

These push button phones are now so old and clunky

and only good for one thing….making phone calls.

Comparatively large my current phone...

…can do so much more than phones of yesteryear

and has a whopping 128 GB of storage.

Compare this with the 80 MB of storage

on our first computer.

My Father always talked about riding a horse to school.


From his first car, which needed greasing

every time a long trip was planned…


…through to the last model Holden Commodore,

built in Australia, in 2013.

 The only thing to make it better

would be a factory GPS installed.



Amanda                       Sandi




time capsule

a container storing a selection of objects chosen

as being typical of the present time,

buried for discovery in the future.


Active during the gold rush era…

…the now unused Steiglitz Courthouse

is now aa time capsule in its own right.

I would have been more than skeptical had I

been told about a wooden water pipe.

Having seen and read about this mains water pipe,

I now believe.


The Courthouse also contains this old yolk…


..and many tools and gadgets

from that era as well…

..many of which were possibly thrown away

or lost and buried by father time and

have since been unearthed,

either figuratively or literally.

Steiglitz is an easy 40 kilometre drive north(ish) of Geelong.

Visitors will need to find someone with a key

to gain access to the courthouse.



Amanda                       Sandi




According to the movies many young women

dream of being whisked away by a…………..

For a few minutes I thought I was going

to call this a Whatchamacallit.

It isn’t what I thought it was.

Thank you Google.


This one beat me.

In fact up until I saw this a few years ago

I would never have thought it possible.

It is wooden and part of a much,

much larger piece of the puzzle.

Final clue….it is hollow.


Keep scrolling down for answers…


One Word Sunday Challenge:…Whatchamacallit


A table littered with

Whatchamacallits and Thingamabobs






a knight in shining armour

a horse collar

a wooden town water pipe







Black and White Challenge.


A definition of bench is a seat upon which

two or more people may sit.

So two out-door benches…

which meet that definition.


This photo is of a very different ‘bench’…

and this, a view from that bench.

The 2016 census put the population of Steiglitz at 53.

In the 1860s-1890s the gold rush population

was over 1,000 and was probably the reason

for the construction of the Court House.

Finally, a work  bench I made a few weeks ago.

It was made to take the pressure off my back and knees.

  And I think it fits my definition…

two or more people could sit upon it. 🙂


Cees-Black-White-Photo-Challenge: Benches







During this week I visited the nearby

Steiglitz Courthouse Museum.

Steigltiz is about a thirty minute drive from Geelong.

From the  1860s to the 1890s Steiglitz was

a thriving community with at least two streets

of housing or shops all thanks

to gold found in the area.

A wider shot of a wooden water pipe which served,

as the main source of water for Steiglitz,

for 70 years before being replaced in 1960.


I think there was some horse harness

around home when I was a boy.

Although at that time it was not considered

a museum piece.  It was still fairly new.

Sixty years tends to change people’s attitudes.



Blacksmith Bellows.

I’m  sure the word ‘bellows’ could have been

used to describe the actions taken by any sheep farmer

whose dog decided that it knew the best

way to bring home a mob of sheep.

No matter how big or small the mob was there was

nothing worse, or more frustrating, than having your dog

turning your mob back on you because it was

not the usual way home.


Thursday’s Special: Traces-Past-V4-03

Wordless Wednesday18_0314

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Visited the

Steiglitz Courthouse Museum

on Wednesday.
On display was part of a wooden water pipe…

which had only been decommissioned,

after seventy years in service, in 1960.

I have never previously heard of

a wooden water pipe.


Hope you enjoyed. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~