jump or spring a long way,
to a great height,
or with great force.



Kruger National Park


Blesbok Antelope

Kempton Park Game Lodge





Damage Francis’s



Felix  Francis

(Jefferson Hinkley #1)


Damage was my second Francis book and I felt I was so invested in the previous Sid Halley novel that it took a while to accept that this was a totally different investigator by the name of Jeff Hinkley.

Like Halley, Hinkley is also a retired jockey, albeit a much younger character and if you have not guessed by now Damage also revolves around the British racing industry with murder, horse doping and extortion/blackmail being the crimes investigated by Hinkley.

The British Horseracing Association (BHA) is having its meetings disrupted.   The Grand National Steeplechase is stopped mid race; at some meets nearly all horses test positive for a banned stimulant; jockeys and stewards are fed laced food with the balance of the card being abandoned on each occasion.

Eventually, the BHA receives a demand for money and all the interference will stop.  And stop it does with a surprise ending.

I have only given damage a three star rating while most readers have rated it 4 or 5 stars.  Damage is not a slow read and I think that if the element of sameness increases, (horse racing) I can still see this type of book holding my interest even if they are not favourites.

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*  able to move or be moved freely or easily.
*  a decorative structure that is suspended
so as to turn freely in the air.



Taken a few weeks ago our Granddaughter

is still not mobile. 

However she is enjoying playing

with her mobile.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Mobile