(of a bird or other winged creature)
fly unsteadily or hover by flapping
the wings quickly and lightly

A collection of…

From this..

…to this with barely a flap

of its wings.



Nest building weavers moving quickly

on fluttering wings.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:…Flutter






Before we arrived at this stage…


…there were pegs in the ground…

…sleepers were measured twice…


…cut once…well, mostly that’s how it went.


Still here is only partly complete.

Now that the petunias are past their best

a little more garden loam needs to be added

along with some heavy mulch to stop

dogs rabbits etc from scratching. 

The final task is to replace last year’s flowers. 

Then the back of the bed needs to be completed.


A Photo a Week Challenge:...Preparations









I have stayed with the coast for this week’s

MidWeek Madness Challenge.

Hardly need to caption this image…but it is the 12 Apostles.


Gibson Steps beach…about ten minutes east of the Apostles..

Surfing Torquay.




Surfing Torquay

Torquay Surf