successfully bring about or reach
(a desired objective or result)
by effort, skill, or courage.


I’m sure Taji felt she had achieved a small miracle

when she managed to retrieve the

last piece of food from her kong.






On  Friday morning while unpacking the car,

I heard a strange, but half familiar,

squawk behind me,

which I identified as a cockatoo

and narrowed to Black Cockatoo.

I have sighted two or three

Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos

previously, but never a flock of sixteen.

So with our first clear blue sky for the week,

during which we had 117 points of rain,

we get a sign that there is 16

more wet days in front of us.

According to legend one wet day per bird.

Apparently the Black Cockatoos

are some of Australia’s rarest birds.

In the wild, they are rarer than

African lions or even pandas. 








Starlings in their summer clothes




African Harrier Hawk



African Weaver



Nankeen Kestrel


Brown Hawk
















My overactive imagination still sees several faces

and profiles in this burning gas.

Peeling Paint Faces

While staring at this one the eyes appear to open

and the mouth grimaced

Seems like I need a nap!    🙂


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:....Faces-in-Things