Light towers mark the

Geelong Football Club Stadium.

With a seating capacity of 36,000 this

Stadium is the seventh largest of

the 17 grounds (16 Australian Stadiums

and the Jiangwan Stadium in Shanghai)

at which

Australian Rules Football

is usually played.

Not all grounds used during pandemic










My Nature Post images were all captured in Africa.

A multitude of kingfisher hovering images…


…a much smaller window of opportunity

to capture the ‘Breakfast’ shot.


African, Lilac Breasted Roller





Lioness, Limpy, mother of….


…Rosy and Nosy 🙂



With a 24/7 military guard operating on

a shoot first ask question later basis, the

Khama Rhino Sanctuary, is home…


…not only to rhinos,

but many other species of wildlife including

this Crimson Breasted Shrike.