10 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Opposing-Colours

  1. Beautiful photos. Also, am glad you are safe. I am in So. California where we get the fires every year and have evacuated close to 3 times each year. It is scary and yes, cut the tree if need be. My property has oaks on it that are registered and I cannot cut them so if the fires get close… the property burns. There needs to be a program to get the land trimmed and safe. Stay safe, and no apologies for the rant.


    • Glad you understand. Grazing high country was stopped because it potentially endangered a rare orchid….which measures about a half inch in diameter. I just hope that orchid withstood the 600 degree heat it took to melt aluminium parts of a vehicles shown on last night’s news. Has been reported that up too 30 percent of koala population may have been wiped out in the Sydney fires.

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      • Couldn’t agree more Kathleen. Twelve people are reported dead at the moment with another 28 missing and 1300 homes on last night’s news destroyed. Still way short of fries in Victoria about ten years ago. The heartbreaking thing is with management the risk may be reduced. Just imagine if you never cut the lawn around you house?


    • Thank you. Yes, we have been safe from the fires making the news. We lived in, near grassland country. There was a small fire before Christmas about 10 kilometres to our north. The fires you are hearing about are in bushland in eastern Victoria and further north. Bushland where locals, by law, are not allowed to cut up fallen branches for firewood. National Parks, comprising trees, where after many years of grazing by cattle to reduce undergrowth is also now banned. I can only imagine that our forests are now receiving the same clean out they would have before Captain Cook stepped upon our shores. Then it was ‘Mother Nature’ cleaning her house. These days it is immediately blamed on climate change. Some of our roads are closed due to burnt trees falling over them. That’s plain stupidity in my humble opinion. Surely roads should be safe, at all times, to drive upon and if that means cutting some tree then so be it. As it stands people cannot evacuate some towns the only roads are closed. Apologies for the rant. 🙂

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      • We are praying for your country. We have these in the state of California where it seem the entire state is on fire but the mountains usually stop the spread to the east. Be safe.


      • Thank you. Times likes this a prayer for good rain is needed. We live around 500 kilometers to the WEst of the Gippsland fires in Victoria and today were were shrouded in smoke.


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