a line or outline which gradually deviates
from being straight for some or all of its length.

Parallel curves



White line curves

The Rocky Mountaineer negotiating one of

many curves during its journey

to Vancouver.



One Word Sunday Challenge:  Curve

Book Review-Not-Really-Dead

Not Really Dead


Leslie Wolfe

(Tess Winnett  #5)

Not Really Dead (Tess Winnnett, #5) is a novella and the most recent of Leslie Wolfe’s books.

Tess has just wrapped a case and, much to her disgust, is handed an insurance fraud case.  In usual Tess fashion she only gives this case a cursory glance before being drawn into an off-the-records sexual assault case.  Like a moths to a flame Tess draws her colleagues into her world to track down this murdering rapist.

Tess even uses herself as bait.  This is where Leslie Wolfe’s writing style comes to the forefront as the end is abrupt; however, the ending leaves us with many, many questions and wanting more of Tess Winnett.

I am usually not a fan of novellas and short stories however, Not Really Dead is better than many and it is Special Agent Tess Winnett again.

I have rated Not Really Dead as a four 4 star, which is one star more than my usual rating for short stories and novellas.

If you are a Tess Winnett/Leslie Wolfe fan you will love Not Really Dead

At the time of writing my review other

Goodreads readers have rated

Not Really Dead

an average of 

4.30 stars

from 92 ratings and 24 reviews 

 I have rated 

Not Really Dead


Not Really Dead (Tess Winnett Book 5)

Not Really Dead

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I purchased my edition from Amazon. 

It appears Not Really Dead is not available

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continuous physical force exerted on or against
an object by something in contact with it.

If my memory is any good

…my Grade 6 teacher told us that

the pressure (per square inch) under

a woman’s high heel shoe is greater than

the pressure per square inch under

an elephants foot.


Fifty-one years later I captured these images

which may help explain why it is indeed

a lesser pressure under an elephant’s foot.

However, I try to keep my toes away

from elephants and high heels!  🙂

Didn’t want to look foolish so I just asked Google

“What exerts more pressure-per-square inch when walking

a 100 lb woman in high heels or a 6,000 lb elephant

in bare feet?

[At the moment when only the heel rests on the ground.]

(Stiletto heels have an area of about 1/16 of a square inch.

Elephants, unlike humans, walk with two feet

on the ground at a time.

Each foot is about 40 square inches.

Thus, the woman “wins” by far

more than 1,500 psi versus 75 psi.)”