Since Christmas 2016…

…our Christmas tree…


…has been decorated

in increasing quantities…


…with decorations from places we have visited.

These serve as reminders of our travels

over recent years.


Our festive season has become

a walk down memory lane



Book Review-Drowning-Instinct


Drowning Instinct


Ilsa J. Bick



Drowning Instinct was my first Ilsa J. Bick read and initially I thought it was not a book I would like as it was little slow at the beginning and is told through the eyes of sixteen year old Jenna.  Jenna’s mother is borderline alcoholic and her father (called ‘phsyco-dad’) is a workaholic doctor.  In other words Jenna’s family is barely functioning as a family.  Not a good beginning in my opinion.

Jenna is a troubled girl who has few, if any, friends her own age at school.  However, one of her teachers (Mr Mitch Anderson) goes out of his way to make her feel comfortable in her new school.  This friendship develops….and develops, to a stage where it is no longer just a friendship.  Lack of friends and a functioning family life all combine to make grooming this impressionable teenager fairly easy.

As a novel it was enjoyable.  However, as a ‘late to formal teaching male’ I cringed when I realised what was going on between Jenna and Mitch.  I have always believed in building on a good teacher-student rapport for better teaching outcomes, no matter where I have been training/working/teaching.  However this rapport went too far.


After the initial few pages Drowning Instinct moved along a cracking pace, which made it an easy read.  I think Drowning Instant was worth at least 3.5 stars…probably 4 stars.


Other Goodreads readers have rated

Drowning Instinct

an average of 

3.94 stars

from 4,267 ratings

and 759 reviews 

 I have rated 

Drowning Instinct


Drowning Instinct

Drowning Instinct 

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the quality of having experience, knowledge,
and good judgement; the quality of being wise.

They say that wisdom comes with age…


Unfortunately with Kelpies it seems wisdom comes

after a belting by the Labrador she has bossed

and bullied for nearly four years.

While this  is an image of two pups ‘playing’

the play turned serious in late October.

Candi was not content with losing the first round.

With utmost stupidity, 20 kg Candi had a second go

at Taji and was basically sat by our 40 kg labrador.

All these Labrador vs Kelpie altercations were

initiated by the smaller dog

and ended by the larger!