Still in New Zealand’s

North Island.

 We were travelling between

Whakatane and Whangamata

and captured a few images of this river.

Last week I published this image thinking

it was White Island…

Many thanks to Betty’s expert for

clarifying my White Island query.

Turns out I was sold a furphy and this is not

White Island (the volcano) but,

Moutohora Island also called Whale Island

and it’s only about 9 km from shore.

Makes a lot more sense.

Our Auckland born and bred daughter-in-law

had not ever visited the end of her motherland

and was no help 🙂


My-Corner-of-the-World:  Milford-Sound







an establishment which maintains a collection of wild animals,
typically in a park or gardens, for study,
conservation, or display to the public.

A zoo may provide a healthy and

safe haven for wild animals…

…however, no matter how large their enclosure

the animals never look as happy as they do

in their own environment.