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Glimpse of Death


Leslie Wolfe


Glimpse of Death (Special Agent Tess Winnett, #3) is the third of the Tess Winnett books and by far the best in the series and definitely a five star thriller.

I think most of us at some time or another have seen a stranger on multiple occasions and wondered…

And so the story begins with Tess in hospital recovering from a knife wound and women are being abducted.

Again we find Tess bucking the system and protocol as she works from her hospital bed, to save more young married mothers falling victim to this cold calculating perpetrator.  To go into any more depth would spoil the plot.

While I like the crime genre of novels I always wonder if this is totally the author’s imagination at work, or is the story written based on actual events.  I hope it is the latter because I would hate to hear that an author’s fertile imagination provided ideas which were translated into reality.

Glimpse of Death is definitely a five star read as long as you like this genre.


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