Bad to the Bone


Tony J. Forder



Bad to the Bone, is the first book in the DI (Jimmy) Bliss series and my second Tony J. Forder read.  Initially I was a little reluctant in taking up bad to the Bone as I have found some British set novels and television not to my taste.  However this was not the case with this book and I thoroughly enjoyed Bad to the Bone.  The story, the plot and the characters were all interesting and kept me reading well after dark.


There were only two negatives, one of which I will attribute to the editor.  Why was this book published with so many (often) unexplained abbreviations in it?  Abbreviations such as DI, DC, IPA, IC1, just to name a few.  I remember asking primary age student to explain anything they were going to abbreviate in their text at least once.

An unearthed shallow grave is the basis for this intriguing who dunnit!  Jimmy Bliss and his sidekick Penny (Pen) Chandler team up with one of Jimmy’s former colleagues (Bobby Dunne) to investigate the bones in the grave many years after the hasty burial.  Not an easy feat to accomplish.  There is quite a pile of present day bodies which mount up and they are all linked to the initial grave of bones in one way or another.

Those readers old enough to have watched the American television series Perry Mason, will remember that hot shot lawyer Perry always won the unwinnable trial in the last ninety seconds by explaining what he had seen, heard or done…off camera.  So it is with Bad to the Bone.  The bad dude was revealed and the rest of the book is devoted to explaining how Jimmy deduced who was bad and who was good.

Because of the Perry Mason ending

and the abbreviations

I only rated Bad to the Bone as a

four star read.


At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

Bad to the Bone

an average of 4.24 stars,

from 1,533 ratings and 151 reviews.

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