Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Opposing-Colours


Opposing colours.

Red and Green

I have tagged these last two images as ‘Purple’.

With yellow centres,

I hope I am on the ball.






Feet everywhere.

Sketched feet.


And many beach feet…


…this time of year.



Sneakered feet.


More beach feet.


Water bird leg/foot.



One Word Sunday Challenge:  Feet




an instance of resuming something
after an interruption.

One of the most moving sites we visited

was next to the Prowse Point Military Cemetery,

in Belgium.

Prowse Point was of one of

the 1914 Christmas truces.

Apparently both sides were singing Christmas Carols

and eventually decided to lay down

their arms for the day.

  However all that changed once the British Command

heard of what was going on.

They ordered the renewal of hostility and soldiers from both sides

of the battle who had formed friendships for a short while

were again trying the kill each other.

So sad!