Many times I have written about my Grandfather.

This collage is but a few of the family photos of the era.

My Grandfather (Bill) in his latter years.

Bill’s brother in law (Jack) along with his sister,

…my Grandmother…Bill’s wife.

Bill’s eldest daughter, Mary,

with her grandfather, (centre bottom).

Mary passed away a few years ago.

Top centre is a photo of all personnel involved

in firing The First Shot of The Great War, August 5, 1914. 

Grandfather Bill is standing

on the extreme left of the group.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Family-Album





not according with truth or fact; incorrect.

I know I have posted this image many time

…however, it fits in again.

All the bluster which Maggie had and Taji has

is just that……bluster and false front.

Maggie was the same age as Taji is now.

Taji loves to tell walkers and anyone else she is the boss.

However, her unsuspecting target only

has to stand up to her and she backs down quickly,

and departs with a much quieter ‘woof‘ over her shoulder.