Nature’s jewels


Car wash rounds



The above image is for illustration purposes only.

In Western Australia in April 1975,

I paid a whole 25 cents for a small can

of airless water…or was it waterless air.

I really cannot remember but

will have a look for it one day.

However it was marketed I just could not resist

purchasing one of these cylindrical cans of nothing.






It appears that…

  …Geelong and Melbourne have

hit the jackpot this week.


A day or two ago it was smoke

from fires in eastern Victoria.

Monday January 6, at 1000 and

the skies were again smoky.

Still the same at 1700/5 PM.

MGW tells me smoky skies

are forecast for three days.

Only difference is that this smoke

is originating in Tasmania, which

as the crow flies is only

around 300 kilometres

from Geelong.

Bass Strait should keep

these fires in Tasmania.