First week in December is

Christmas Tree weekend.

Family Christmas is at our place this year, 

so the tree will not look as empty

on Christmas Day.


FriendlyFriday:   Christmas-Preparations

Amanda                       Sandi

9 thoughts on “FriendlyFriday-Christmas-Preparations

  1. How exciting, Woolly! And your trees is decorated so symmetrically and neatly. Mine always has a range of decorations from the ones that the kids made at preschool to fancy ones. Have a wonderful Christmas from the Friendly Friday team.


    • I will pass on you comments to MGW as she is the tree decorator. I just do as I’m told 😊😄 which wasn’t much this year due to my knee. We also decorate with everything from kids decorations from their younger days. Although over the past few years we have been gathering Christmas decorations from places we have visited, which brings back memories. So hopefully you will have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas, also.


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