Doorways from the

Tower of London

Well, doors of sorts.



This was the entrance to the

Tower of London

by which  the Tower’s guests

(prisoners) entered

Drinking mugs at Hobbiton’s Green Dragon Inn


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Doors-Drawers





Once upon a time these were…

…very modern items of communicating.

There was one of these located

on nearly every street corner.


The old red boxes were phased out

in favour of a modern contraption

that Superman would not be able to change in.

The advent of mobile phones

has even seen the demise of these.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Communication





(especially of change or action) relating to
or affecting the fundamental nature of something;
far-reaching or thorough.

Our rescue cat, Smudge, …

…had a radical change of behaviour on Friday afternoon.

This was the first time he had joined the dogs

in their beds and the closest he has

ever come to the house.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Radical