Perseus with the Head of Medusa~~~~~



Valentine’s Day Roses


Corio Bay channel marker

Red Headed Weaver

in Botswana

Completing the series with…


…two totally different dahlias.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Flamboyant-Red






After years of putting up with a painful knee

I decided to trade it in for a newer model.

2019 has been the worst of all with the

femur and tibia crashing into each other

prior to taking a step.

Recovery has been a bit more

painful than many told me.

I must stress that the pain is not

emanating from the new joint, rather it is

bruising and nerves which are causing ‘normal’ pain.

Pain which is diminishing each week.

So, I a looking forward to a future with

greatly reduced knee problems and

not being afraid to trek into some of

the beautiful waterfalls located

in the Otway Ranges.


FriendlyFriday:  Future

Amanda                       Sandi




have an idea or impression of the existence,
presence, or truth of (something) without certain proof.

The day…

…Maggie turned up at our back door looking like this…


…she became number one suspect of digging in the garden.

She looked so guilty and repentant

that we ever did go searching for the place

where she had been digging.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Suspect