These are close to Christmas memories.

New Year’s Eve 2015, and we

had been asked to turn this…

…old World War I Gun Emplacement…

into something suitable for No. 2 Son

to propose to his, now, wife.

With a beautiful view across

Port Phillip Bay

to Point Nepean…

…all was soon ready, with the assistance….

…of a couple of No. 2 son’s mates.

I’m so pleased that it all took place in 2015,

as this year my knee would be

holding me back.

No 2 Son was featured in the last two photos

of last week’s ‘Babies’ post


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Christmas-Memories





(of a person) die

At 1500 hours today, Friday

December 20, 2019…

…our local temperature was 44 degrees Celsius.

I think pets and people all around were staying indoors,

under shade to make sure they did not expire in the heat.