Six week old lions cubs annoying mum…and each other.

 From memory, these tiger cubs were

around three months old when

we viewed them at DreamWorld.

No idea of the age of this giraffe,

except to say that it was a baby in the wild,

in Botswana.

Considering giraffes are around six feet tall at birth,

I would estimate this baby to be closer

to a baby than the tiger cubs…much closer.

The baby of our babies.



Twenty four or five years on, there is no way

I would put myself in this position again.

These days I am the junior by

around 25-30 kilograms.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Babies




I suuppose we have a week or three yet,  

however the cool weather may delay

these Christmas blooms this year.

Monday (37C/98.6F) is forecast to be

our only warm day next week.

The rest of the week maximum temperatures

are forecast to be around 20C/68F.

Our average December temperature

is 23.8C/74.8F





a diagrammatic representation of an area
of land or sea showing physical features,
cities, roads, etc.

South West Coastline of Victoria

The left arrow indicates a major tourist destination

and our shoopping centre when living on the farm.

Geelong is some 200 (or more) kilometres

from my farm llife.