Because I have a low impression of my ‘art’

I have included the original image

prior to its abstract version.

And, yes some of the originals are ‘duds’

with a heat map filter applied.

These autumn leaves look very lifeless to me.

However, they take on a different look with a filter added.

I have had people express displeasure

at my bright heat map filters.

However, colours are easily changed.


I think this is a canola crop nearing harvest.

The spider web (foreground, left of centre)

caught my eye.

With some preset filters.

I am sure this is a water shot. 

Cropped and out of focus.


With a heat map applied.

A late addition…

…inspired by

Tatiana at Travelways.com




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cause (something unpleasant or painful)
to be suffered by someone or something.

The grown up version of this play fight

took place the day I was admitted

to hospital in late October.

Taji was covered in blood so I was told and Candi is

still operating on three legs due to Taji’s weight on her.

They gave each other plenty of space for two weeks

and have only just begun playing together again.

This is the third Kelpie which has been

put in its place by a Labrador.

They just don’t learn.