Don’t have many wheelhouse photos.

tHis wreck was captured near

Cairns in Queensland.



The Camera Club to which I belong took a sunset

cruise around Corio Bay on the Hygeia,

in February 2019.


Our last Group outing in Alaska was a cruise

on the Chena River on the

Riverboat Discovery.


Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk210 – Wheelhouse





allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of.
“we indulged in a cream tea”

Once upon a time I would…

…have cheerfully indulged in

sampling these sweets.


However, since my 50th birthday

I have become a little more prudent

of what and when I eat.





a quadrangle.
“students greeted him as he walked through the quad”

Overlooking the…

…Place des heros…

…from the

Arras Bell Tower

in France.


Place des Heros and Arras Bell Tower

at 2200 hours.