Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Duck-Duck-Goose


My contribution for this week’s

Duck Duck Goose


Have had kids play Duck, Duck, Goose, many times

but I think I would have been severely reprimanded

if I had produced a camera.

Would be interested to know what view

educations systems in other parts of the world would take.

I was not allowed to take photos students

(undertakning university requested activities) to send

to university lecturers because of possible ‘custody disputes’.

As soon as I was a qualified teacher, employed on

a casual/emergency basis, I was often sent to the back gate

of a school to supervise adults collecting children.

Jack the Ripper could be have been collecting kids

and I would not have known.

However,  that is the way schools treat/use

their emergency staff in Australia…by giving them these duties

that permanent teachers don’t want.

Rant over!!.

Thinking laterally again this week.

And it’s Duck…






(Egyptian) Goose.





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