Black and White Challenge:

Hot and Cold.


On the Isle of Capri,

what better for dogs on a hot day….

dog-bar_0128than to stop for a drink at the dog bar?


Built in to a wall and being fed by

cold water from this tap at the top.


Back home…

just happened to see the

first December moon setting this evening.

According to Google it is 100 degrees Celsius

on the bright side and can be as low as

minus 173 degrees on the dark side.

And the only reason we see anything

is because of the reflection of light

from a very hot sun.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Hot and Cold





Floral Friday-16-1203


Floral Friday Challenge.


From last Friday, December 03, 2016.

An Amsterdam garden.


I  wouldn’t like to be on watering duty

if it was a garden Down Under.


But there were similar gardens…so either

green thumbs or plenty of rain.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday