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Odd Ball

Week 49, 2016


Another…out the window shot…

During our stay in Nice, there was a great deal of roads

works and, I suspect, illegally parked cars in font of our hotel.


Our coach driver turned onto a road similar to this.

Within seconds a French Police Car was alongside, siren blaring.

Apparently we were going the wrong way in a one-way street.

After our circumstances were explained,

we had a police escort out of town.  Locals were amused.

We were a bit shocked.

But all agreed that the police were vigilante

and had done a great job stopping us.

It was, after all, only about eight weeks after the

Place des Anglais terror attack.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-49










Black and White Challenge:

Made by Humans.


I have cheated a bit this week.

I was deleting last week’s images and

realised they would also fit this week.


Buildings and bridges of Florence.


Window shutters…hand made possibly.


Stones may have been earlier weapons of war,

however these did not grow on trees.


Monday’s visit to St Leonards and we see a hand made jetty/pier.


And just off the coast at Indented Head is this

paddle wheel part of a wreck ship.

Image not so good as ISO set at 1000 from previous night shoot.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Made-by-HumansBlack_White~~~~~