My GoodReads Wrap for 2016


Early this year I completed reading the Nikon D7100 (Expanded Guide) by Jon Sparks.  I found this manual a helpful reference book to read when learning about my Nikon D7100.  In fact I would highly recommend this books for anyone purchasing a Nikon D7100.  For that matter I would recommend this style of  manual for any Nikon (or other brand) camera as it was much easier to read the the supplied manual.books_9546

This  being my first year with Goodreads I was pleasantly surprised to see My Year in Books published on Goodreads last week.

No surprise to see that my longest book, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, was also the most popular on my book shelf with 561,127 readers in 2016.

However, it was a case of ‘gasp, shock and horror‘, to discover only one reader had read the Nikon D7100 (Expanded Guide) by Jon Sparks making it my least popular Goodreads book in 2016.


 For some reason MGW did not share my surprise or dismay that  this book was my lest popular.

My conclusion is that it was widely read in 2015.  😉  Yep!  That must be why it was not read in 2016.

Book Review-The-French-Promise

The French Promise


Fiona McIntosh

I found the audio version of ‘The French Promise‘ thoroughly enjoyable and well worth a listen, or reading.

As mentioned last week I read this book before reading its prequel.   Though thoroughly enjoyable as a standalone, it does make more sense as the second of the series as many of the main characters (and their history) are introduced in The Lavender Keeper

A post World War II setting sees a whole range of themes ranging from romance to death and revenge.

The setting for this book is Tasmania, where characters established in The Lavender Keeper make a new home after World War II .

One of two criticisms I have with the audio versions is that the narrator’s voice is vastly different to my usual narrators, which is one I assume over which the author has no control.

My secondly grumble is that the book seemed to end abruptly.  However, the ending was appropriate…it was just that I was expecting a more, and a different ending.

I look forward to reading more of Fiona McIntosh’s books.

Image result for the french promise by fiona mcintosh

Definitely a



And also one of my favourites.




Jo’s Monday Walk16-09

Brugge, Belgium


Our first night on the European continent was spent

in Brugge, at the NH Hotel.


After a mid afternoon check in we walked into Market Square.

brugges_0111NH Hotel is only a few metres from Het Zand, which is…


also bordered by the UNESCO building in Brugge.


In the middle of Het Zand is…


 a beautiful fountain, of which I have already posted

some night shots and will re-post next week.


We walked along Zuidzandstraat which was our first taste

of European crowds…locals and tourists

all blending in harmony.


After a lazy ten or fifteen minute walk

we reached Market Square.  

I will complete my Brugge walk next week.

In the meantime I wish all readers 

 a Safe, Prosperous and

Happy New Year.



Jo’s Monday Walk