Floral Friday-16-1209


Floral Friday Challenge.


December 09, 2016.


Flowers from York this week.




We were fascinated to see so many geraniums

on display and looking so pretty.

In my life geraniums have been regarded as hardy

and therefore stuck in the toughest corner

of the garden and forgotten  about.

Their displays, probably, have reflected

the care they have received.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Rock-Paper-Scissors


My contribution for this week’s

Rock, Paper, Scissors


Mine is rather boring this week…I had a bit of tunnel vision

and should have read Cee’s post first .


I actually learned a bit about RPS from your post, although,

as I have never, ever, played RPS,

I am not sure how a tie can eventuate.


Anything to do with rocks, paper or scissors?

Another coastal Monday shot.


And last but not least, there was an article in  the Geelong paper

about rocks stacks at a river mouth not far away.

The accompanying photography showed many rocks stacks,

however, when I arrived most had been washed away.

In fact  tourists were still creating their own stacks.