Floral Friday-16-1216


Floral Friday Challenge.


December 16, 2016.


Two from our garden.


The first of our Lilium to flower.


I like this type of plant which comes back

bigger and better each year.


Our solitary geranium is looking good at the moment

and is just coming into full bloom.


 Other parts of the plant have tiny greenish petals on it,

so hopefully a better sight in a week or so.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday





Finding Your Place

After spending fifty-five years of my life farming these paddocks,


caring for sheep and cattle and

cropping each paddock in its turn…


I found the quietness of the African bush

very similar to that of Western Victoria.



It wasn’t until we arrived in Perth for a few days,

12 hours behind the scheduled,

and without any decent sleep for two nights

that I appreciated the South African velds

and realised just how quiet it was.


Perth is supposed to be a fairly quiet, laid back city.

However, I will never forget

our noisy introduction to Perth traffic.

Although much quieter than Melbourne and Sydney,

Perth made me realise how the open expanses

of Western Victoria and the

South African Velds were the place I wanted to be.

Even Botswana’s Lekhubu Island,

without any amenities at all,

was a charming place to camp for a night.

So they are MY places…not in the middle of a crowd.


DP_Discover Challenge: Finding-Your-Place