Travel Theme-Paper




Travel Theme.


All Christmas wrappings were safely deposited

in the recycle bin for collection on

Monday morning before I saw this week’s topic.

paper-millbw_6418aSo I have opted for some shots of an old…


paper mill on the  outskirts of Geelong.


As usual with old buildings…


there is some fascinating workmanship, both…


inside and out.


Where’s My Backpack: Paper



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Chutes-Ladders


My contribution for this week’s

Chutes and Ladders


Only a week  late, but as they say…


I actually nearly photographed a similar ladder

but chose not to because there was a

young boy playing around it.

So  short of getting ladders out of the shed

this was the first, the one, the only ladder

I stumbled upon during the week.

There are portable silos around…but waaay over

in the paddock so distance would lose their chute.downpipe_6395

 However, while compiling my Travel Theme post

I noticed these down pipes in one image.

After all rain water passes from the spouting/gutter

into these pipes and takes it into

underground drains or storage tanks.