Weekly Photo Challenge-Fun



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Saturday morning, like any other morning,

is time for a bit of fun with our canines.

Candi_Taji_0004After both squeezed into Candi’s kennel,

Taji found Candi’s prized possession.


Don’t think Candi really knew what it

was…but she wanted it back.

Candi_Taji_0010And Taji’s ear provided the usual target.


Retrieved at last.

Candi_Taji_0021Is it still good?


You’ve sucked all the good stuff off it.

Candi_Taji_0024I’m going to teach you not to mess with a kelpie.


Those little teeth won’t hurt me

and besides I have your bone.


Give it back….!!!!


I’ve swallowed it.  See!!

I’m not sure where most fun was had.

By the two canines.

The photographer, or preparing the post.

 Hope you had fun reading.

All photos taken through a glass door,
hence maybe why some look a bit soft focus.




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