Weekly Photo Challenge-Frame



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



A month or so ago I noted that on the first wekend of October

there is going to be an art show nearby and inquired

if there was a photography section.

There is.


I have posted both these photos in various challenges

but I have never been as pleased as seeing them

as A3 size images framed in A2 frames.



I probably only entered because I was sent an entry form.

But I like all five shots I am going to enter…provided

Number 2 Son, and or future DIL, remember to

take them into the show, as we will not be home

until after the show.

Sunrise - Corio Bay

Sunrise – Corio Bay

This last shot may be more to this week’s challenge.

There is only one spot along Corio Bay

where this shot can be taken and

even here I have had to use some of Photoshop’s features

to remove electricity wires and pole.

I have also since revisited this shot, several times,

to clean up my mistakes in this shot  🙂