Black and White Challenge:

Bathrooms or Outhouses.


I didn’t think I had much to contribute

to this challenge, but…

Bathroom_0041Beginning in Old Sydney,

the door on the left seems to be the out house door.

If it is, you wouldn’t want to be ‘under the weather

climbing down those steps in the wee hours.

Bathroom_0221This is the most colourful public facility in Geelong.

Always thought it a toilet/shower etc.

But it is also one huge change room.

Not so strange…except to my knowledge there are no events

around that area of the Bay that would warrant such a large facility.


In Botswana the main buildings had burned to the ground

a few weeks prior to our arrival.

This was one of the temporary buildings.


After 6 nights in the Kalahari Desert and Okavango Delta…


this was absolute heaven at the

Chobe Safari Lodge.

Bathroom_1428Our last night, in Botswana, was spent at Digger’s Inn, Francistown.

Again not a bad place to  have a scrub.


My last contribution is the bathing facilities at

Sausage Tree Safari Camp, South Africa.

 The glass door on the right leads to an

external shower…an experience on its own.

We were told not to leave any soap in the shower because

the monkeys would come and pinch it.

Every time I had a shower I was hoping it was

only soap that the little blighters pinched!


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Bathrooms-or-Outhouses