Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-16Wk-32_1408


Odd Ball

Week 32, 2016


A few months ago I made sure that

Candi knew the meaning to the word ‘Kennel‘.

A shortened version of

‘…stop barking and annoying me and the neighbours…’


For a while she was very ‘obedient’.

As she moved towards her ‘teens’

she grew cheeky as well.

Now this is the pose she adopts.

She does go into her kennel,

but immediately turns around

and adopts this stance at one end

while sitting on the other.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-32







Travel Theme-Writing




Travel Theme.


The oft used phrase,

‘…The writing’s on the wall…’

laneway_0541is very evident in Melbourne’s Hosier Lane

and surrounds,


where artists writing the tags, names or slogans

for peace…and other things in vibrant colours


A computer generated piece of sign writing.


Last, but not least, one of my favourite pieces of

writing from the wall of one of Geelong’s Hotels.

  The sign changes about every week and

quite often I forget to look.


Where’s My Backpack:Writing