Black and White Challenge:

Any Seating

including Tables and Chairs.


Random seating…
seats_0023Sign the register at a beach wedding.

seats_0013The classic picnic table and chairs.


Similar seating, made of concrete,

at Paronella Park in Queensland.

seats_0792A freshly made Bay-side seat.


A log seat at one of Torquay’s beaches.

seats_0904A few weeks ago I joined a

Men’s Shed group (for retirees).

On Tuesday I found myself helping to

assemble these planter boxes and seating.


 These are some of the last bales of wool

to be pressed in our wool-shed.

Invariably, at lunch and smoko

(morning and afternoon tea) times a bale or two

would soon be found on its side and

made an ideal seat.

At lunch time I nearly always found

ten minutes to lie on my back with my legs

up over the side of the bale to help

rest my aching feet.

At least that’s what I kept telling my self.

Walking for a solid 8 hours each day on

wooden or concrete floors was hard on one’s feet.

Or it was on mine!  Still is.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:Any SeatingBlack_White



8 thoughts on “Cee-BW-Challenge-Seating-including-Tables-and-Chairs

    • Thank you. It was not my idea of a setting for a wedding…however, as I often say we were married in what is now an Aldi Supermarket car park. Apologies for the delaying in replying. WordPress deemed several of your messages as spam. Not the first time this has happened.


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