Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Bridges


My contribution for this week’s





A road or rail, or both, bridge across the

Swan River at Fremantle,

Western Australia.


A bridge across a new developed suburban wetlands.


A bridge no longer in use except for foot traffic.


Letaba Bridge in Kruger National Park.

The yellow line at either end of the bridge

is the boundary for human traffic.

Apparently a pride of lions decided to cross this,

or another bridge,

one day while tourists were busy clicking away.

Hence the boundary line.


A tiny bridge which forms part

of our Japanese Garden.


Finally, one of the most well-known bridges in Australia…

if not the world.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge:Bridges






11 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Bridges

    • Well I Googled Sydney Harbour Bridge and ws about to write that I disagreed with you comment base on the dates in your post and Google. THEN I re-read your post and see the Tyne Bridge was started (building) after Sydney Harbour Bridge was commenced. However, I still wonder if we pilfered the design from you as the concept for your bridge was in motion much earlier? 🙂 Thanks for the information and link.


  1. Fremantle such a beautiful place, I visited in December 1999 when visiting WA and fell in love with the place, shame I’m the other side of the world would love to make it back there. Amazing photos by the way, that prompted even more amazing memories 🙂


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