Wordless Wednesday16_0607

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Nothing like a….Taji_0622
mid-day nap…


provided the kennel is large enough.


Trouble with napping at mid-day is that it is lunchtime,

and any minute…


one’s slumber can be disturbed

by lunch arriving.


Got my feet under me now

a quick dash for lunch.


Can’t stand up…so front paws out first…


I think my shoulders have swollen….


Ouch!  Not to mention my head.

Taji did not miss out on lunch, and

this kennel was built for puppies

Maggie-sleeping_2005 041

The only other dog I have ever seen sleep like this was

Maggie in her younger days.

And as they are related…one has to wonder.

Taji’s Great, Great Grandmother and

Maggie’s Great Grandfather

were litter mates.



Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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