Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Signs


My contribution for this week’s


(from Melbourne plus one)


sign_0143Some street art.

sign_0122Even if you did not like their music,

many will remember AC/DC


I have yet to venture onto this bus,

but it appears like many cities we have one, also.


I know this is street art and while it may be sanction

in this part of Melbourne I often wonder what

the artist does for a real job.  

I envy anyone who can reproduce

an image of this quality.


They tell me that this is a sign that drugs

are available in the area.

If They are on the mark,

then business must be thriving.


 When I first saw this sign I was reminded of the

Make Love not War posters of the 60s.

Upon a second and third look

I don’t think any of it makes sense.

sign_2839Society leaves me speechless at times.

I have heard outcries over signage, or words,

which are less offensive, in my opinion, than these signs.

Perhaps it is an acronym???


It would not be a post without

giving a Geelong Business a plug, would it?


Real Australians say Welcome?


‘Ow y goin?

 Pleased to meecha?

Or maybe just a grunt, if you are meeting

some one under twenty!

But we are working on that!