Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Water-Winter


My contribution for this week’s




Winter water…
coriobay_0441Corio Bay is used for many things, including fishing.

On this foggy morning last week fishing from the vehicle was probably best.

coriobay_0446Over the water to Geelong Central Business District.

maggie_0719This is a typical winter scene in our back yard.

With the house casting a long early morning shadow across the yard,

a certain Labrador knows better than to sleep in her bed in the shade.

maggie_719She just magages to raise her head to check out passing traffic before…
maggie_0720collapsing again in deep sleep.  Yes, life of a guard dog is tough.


The reddish coloured  flag with the yellow cross is, apparently,

the flag hoisted to order the German steamer

the Pfalz, turn back to Melbourne, on August 5th, 1914.

One hundred years later winter turned on a bright sunny day.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Water-Winter 















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