Look Up, Look Down-Wk-52



Look Up, Look Down

for Week 52


Last week while feeding the magpies…
magpie_0325I happened to look up from dismembering a slice of bread to see this bloke sitting on the other side of the trampoline.
magpie_0327I’m not sure who was shocked most.
magpie_0329It didn’t take long for one body to hope there would be some overflow…
magpie_0336and for some friends to be  looking down on the scene.
magpie_0341One of the onlookers decided to…
magpie_0342drop in and join its friend.
magpie_0344Maggie was starving so much that she did not notice the grace of her namesake…
magpie_0345 as it manoeuvred its way down to the trampoline.
magpie_0346Wings tucked backed…
magpie_0347claws extended, and…



Look Up, Look Down, challenge






11 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down-Wk-52

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  2. Wow! Birds – especially flying birds – are really difficult to photograph. These are really great pictures. I love that your dog is just hanging out next to the trampoline, totally ignoring the birds.


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