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Firing the First Allied Shot,

World War I

August 5, 1914


 Some my earliest posts were around ANZAC Day, April 25, 2013.  In these posts I referred to my Grandfather who served in WW I.  Those were not the first or last times he received a mention, either directly or indirectly, in my blog. 

A few months ago I heard a Sunday morning talk back radio host interviewing someone about WW I.  Frustration got the better of me and I reached for my iPad and tapped out an email to Macca, outlining my family connection to what I deemed to be a significant part of that conflict.  Mind you I was still in bed at this stage!  I hit send, packed away my iPad, rose and prepared breakfast thinking my email would finish up in the ‘round file’ at the ABC.  First_Shot

A few hours later the phone rang and I found myself talking to a total stranger, but we were connected by that event on August 5, 1914.  I was talking to the grandson of the officer who gave the command to fire the First Shot.  During the ensuing week I contacted the Former Premier’s office and I was officially, at last, a descendant of one of the gun crew who manned the gun that day.  Over recent weeks I have received a steady stream of information about Tuesday’s event, an invitation to a tour of the gun emplacements prior to the memorial ceremony and on Friday acknowledgement that I was to be known as a VIP…at least for a few hours on Tuesday.  I have also been told that media from around the globe are attending, fifteen consular representatives, local media and Sky TV (I think, my hearing is a bit off) is covering the event live.


The First Shot was fired from Fort Nepean on the eastern side of the entrance to Port Phillip Bay.

The German freighter the S.S. Pfalz was making a run for open waters about 4 hours

after a State of War was declared with Germany.

~~~~~Fort_NepeanI am not sure how many are going to come to this event.  There are twelve members of the gun crew.

How many survived or had family prior to leaving for France is unknown by me.

I do know that my two aunties are attending along with various members of their respective families.

It would have been nice to have seen Gunner Bill’s only son at the event as well


 Now for apologies.

I am not sure if copyright has been fractured in this post.

The two maps are from Google, thank you.

As for the main photo, I do possess a copy of that one, however, not of the car park photo.

I will thank whoever should be thanked for that one…probably the Australian War Memorial.

Finally to Cee, I am early but I note that even on the U.S. West Coast it is just five minutes into Sunday 🙂

So that means there is not much left of Sunday on the East Coast of Australia.


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Travel Theme-Simplify




Travel Theme.


Last year we decided to holiday away from cities in favour of the simplicity…

ROAD_0201of wide open spaces…
buuffalo_0202where the buffalo roamed…
impala_0399and antelope played…
ostrich_0422and skies were not cloudy all day.
lions_0888Seldom was heard a discouraging word, in late afternoon traffic jams


The only thing to remind us of home was zebra crossings…everywhere.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Simplify