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Cheviot Beach

On December 17, 1967, our then Prime Minister, Harold Holt,

went for a swim at Cheviot Beach.

He never returned or his body been found.


Last week was the first time I had ever seen this infamous beach.

Even on a calm, fine day the surf was rolling in from Bass Strait

rip_0089This stretch of water is known as The Rip…the entrance to Port Philip Bay.

The Point Lonsdale lighthouse marks the western side of The Rip.

All sea-born vessels need to negotiate this narrow and shallow stretch

of water which can be as shallow as 5 metres.

My school days memories tell me it was/is 6 fathoms deep.


Point_NepeanThe distance between Point Nepean and Point Lonsdale is about three and a half kilometres.

Reefs projecting from the two points reduce the navigable width to about 1 kilometre .


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