Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Wk-25


Odd Ball

Week 25


What is the fuss about?


Sammy seagull could not see anything wrong with his perching place…


seagull_625although the owner of this car did…

particularly when that little patch behind Sammy’s feet was noticed.

Fortunately it was just rain.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-25





Travel Theme-Horizons




Travel Theme.


When I was contemplating what photos to use this week,

I remembered the ‘rule of thirds‘.

ship_0098I have concluded that many of my photos do not adhere to this rule.

In this first shot, for example, I simply wanted to compose the photo so that I would have a large amount a sparkling water in the foreground and the oil  tanker as the centre piece.

The tanker became part of the horizon.

It appears to be a rule of twos to me.

horizon_0013Here I hope I have conveyed an open, empty area which has two horizons in it, I think.

Another rule of twos?

horizon_0009Closer to the rule of thirds?

One of my least favourite shots in this series.

horizon_0306As is this one…but closer to thirds?  I also like the bolder colours.

Middle ground and far horizons add interest, I think.


I was trying to capture the sparkling water in later afternoon sun.

horizon_0227No horizon series would be complete without a Geelong City skyline…

horizon_0757or this shot across Corio Bay taken late yesterday afternoon.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Horizons