Weekly Photo Challenge-Fray


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



As soon as I brushed the cobwebs out of my eyes this morning

I knew the direction of this post.

frayed_0006Yesterday Ginger’s new bedding arrived and

was inserted into her kennel.

During the clean out, this piece of smelly frayed carpet,

which I have looked for on many occasion, was discovered.



It wasn’t because I was in the dog house, that I searched for it,

we were seeking padding for furniture when kids moved out.


frayed_0011But I can assure you it smelled a lot better being extracted

from Ginger’s kennel than it did being extracted

from the rubbish bin this morning.

frayed_0015The second object for this challenge I am wearing right now.

My favourite green windcheater/sweat shirt.

We moved from the farm nine years ago and

my two green windcheaters

are constant, comfortable reminders of the ‘good old days’.

frayed_0026However, a few months ago I was feeling the cold and

held my constant companion up to the light

and I could see right through it.

(Focus on everything but the tear in the seam.)

About then I decided not to throw it out,

but to  wear another one underneath…for warmth.

Summer is just around the corner 🙂