I am native to Australia, 

some may even think

I am cute and cuddly

Maybe that’s because

I am Cuddly Koala’s

closest living relative.

I am one of the world’s largest

burrowing mammals. 

My mobility is usually a waddle,

but I have been known to run

at 40 km per hour.

 If you happen to be tracking

in Australia and see some

cube shaped poo, I won’t be far away!

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1956 Olympic rings at Ballarat’s

Lake Wendouree,

home to all rowing events in 1956.


Track and field and Opening/Closing Ceremonies

were held at the

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)…

…in front of the newly built Olympic Stand

and around 100,000 spectators.

The most recent Olympic Venue we have visited is

Whistler Mountain,

British Columbia,

Canada, 2018.


One Word Sunday Challenge:  Olympic





Peter Lalor .


Peter Lalor was the fourth speaker

of Victoria’s Legislative Assembly.

He  was also appointed leader of

the 1854 Eureka Rebellion in Ballarat.

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the Eureka Rebellion.


Again from,

Ballarat’s Avenue of Honour.


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Although I did not complete any

National Service training…

…due to my health, the National Service raffle

is the only major raffle I have ever won.


Although I am a firm believer of National Service

(but not necessarily serving in a war zone),

after talking/working with some Vietnam Veterans

my health at the time may have been a blessing.


Another of the many memorials in

Ballarat’s Avenue of Honour.


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The Grieving Mother Memorial,

of which I have shared several photos and posts

is situated in the left corner of this image

of Ballarat’s Arch of Victory.

Outbound view.

View entering Ballarat

The Ballarat Avenue of Honour is famous for being

the first avenue of its kind in Australia

(perhaps in the world)

and the longest of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

It incorporates the Ballarat Arch of Victory and extends

for approximately 22 kilometres.

In total, the trees represent 3912 Ballarat and district

men and women who served in 

World War One – 528 of whom

were killed in battle or died

of wounds or disease.

Source:  Avenue of Honour, Ballarat



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In 2017, I was fortunate enough to gain

a preview of the

Grieving Mother Memorial

in Ballarat.

From memory the

Grieving Mother

had been designed and

created by local artists.


She was receiving some finishing touches

as I photographed her…


…the day before the official opening/unveiling

to the public.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Preview






As ANZAC Day is Saturday April 25

I thought I would share some

appropriate images taken

during my Ballarat visit.

I was in Ballarat the day prior to

The Grieving Mother Memorial…


…being officially opened.

It is situated near Ballarat’s

Arch of Victory

in the

Avenue of Honour

Lest We Forget



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