Living on a sheep farm for 55 years meant that

there was nearly always a new pup around

hopefully learning the tricks of the trade.

This Brandy and yours truly in early 1988.

Brandy earned himself the nickname of

‘Six Milllion Dollar Dog’ (after the television show),

because he would work anywhere and only for me.


And he could always be found sitting

on the back of my farm ute waiting patiently

until I was ready to find some work for him.

This was taken through our kitchen window.

Brandy is on the left.



The Master and the apprentice.


During middle age, Brandy had an eye infection.

Darkened quarters, no scratching (the eye)

and two or three times a day ointment had to be applied.

During this six to eight weeks,

Brandy was renamed ‘Buckethead’

During his thirteen years Brandy only ever sired one litter 

of pups and he died suddenly a week or two

after they were born.

Ginger was one of these pups.



Ginger never had to work as hard as Brandy.

However, she was as loyal as Brandy and

accompanied me all the time.


Ginger even grew to enjoy a visit to McDonalds

where she enjoyed a junior burger.


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19 thoughts on “Lens-Artist-PC-61-Precious-Pets

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  2. Two beautiful and smart dogs. Wonderful stories of Brandy and Ginger. So sorry to read about Brandy’s eye. Glad to hear Ginger enjoyed Hamburger. Our Evan was well fed, too. 🙂 🙂


    • They were wonderful dogs and working companions. Brandy’s eye healed…he was not the best patient…particularly when it came to putting his head through the bucket. However he got used to it. 🙂 Was sad the day he died. Still don’t know why. Although we thought Ginger had several years left and she also died suddenly around 13 years of age.

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