African lines this week.

It was truly fascinating to see these giants

at such a close distance.


DC Photography 13


Their skin, while smooth, is like…

…an ancient…

…eroded landscape.

Botswana zebras posing for my camera.

A zebra crossing in Kruger National Park.

Thirsty impalas.


Our first images of African wild life.

Late afternoon and like all animals

they were out for some fun.

The following year we were locked out.

Probably a good idea in hindsight because the horn

would go right through before they thought of stopping.


African Harrier Hawk

conducting its pre-flight check.

Airborne and still looking good.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Line-Up




the female ruler of an independent state,
especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.


Ginger was never called

‘Queen’ of the back yard…

However, she was called a ‘Princess’

due to her prim and proper behaviour.

And like all other sheep dogs she ruled the dog pack.

Or did until Labrador Maggie grew tired of her bossiness.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Queen